Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Watford Town …a place to belong, believe, become

We welcome all who come to worship with us at Watford Town Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our doors and hearts are open to all who seek fellowship with Christ. Our Divine (Family) Worship service begins every Sabbath at 11:15am, after the Sabbath School (Bible Study) programme. Come and join us each Saturday (Sabbath) as we offer our praise and worship to God.

Our Divine Worship service follows the following format: There may be variations on a weekly basis.

  • Announcements - The Elder in charge will normally provide additional information to attendees
  • Praise and Worship - Singing of lively contemporary songs and traditional hymns
  • Call to Worship - A Scripture reading, typically with a response from the congregation
  • Invocation - A prayer to thank God for his presence with us
  • Welcome - Welcoming worshippers into the presence of God and each other
  • Opening Hymn - Congregational song typically from the SDA Hymnal
  • Children’s Spotlight - A special part in the program specifically for the children
  • Scripture Reading - The lesson from the bible associated with the Sermon
  • Titles and Offerings - An opportunity for us to return our gifts to God         
  • Prayer - All prayer request are presented before God
  • Sermon - Presented by the Pastor, Elder or visiting speaker
  • Closing Hymn - Final congregational song typically from the SDA Hymnal
  • Benediction - Final prayer

At the conclusion of the Divine service, attendees have the oportunity to meet and greet and then stay for lunch