Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Watford Town …a place to belong, believe, become



The Watford Town Church is made up of various departments.  Each department has special roles and responsibilities.

  • AV Technical Team
    The Audio Visual team provides audio and visual support and expertise for all church technology used for services and programmes in the church. 

  • Childrens Ministries
    Our Children’s Ministries Department endeavours to provide a wide range of children-oriented programmes and activities to nurture children towards developing strong, personal relationships with God, and support them in identifying the reality of Him working in their daily lives.

  • Communications 
    Effectively reaching out the church members, its greater membership and the local community using the verbal and written vectors of communications, including the use of modern technology and social networking platforms.

  • Community Ministries
    Based on our faith in the Bible and Christ our example, Community Ministries equally,appropriately and responsibly provide support to anyone: church members, visitors and the wide and varied community regardless of race, colour or creed. We are never far away from a phone call.

  • Family Ministries
    Family Ministries is in the business of helping to developing stronger, healthier families and churches.
    "Healthy families make healthy churches…… and healthy churches become catalysts for relational growth for both the church family and the wider family community."

  • Health Ministries
    The Health Ministries department is committed to promoting the physical, psychological, social, mental and spiritual well-being of the church and local community

  • Men's Ministries
    The men's ministry department is committed to building men of integrity who will be able to be role models in their families, churches, communities and society at large.

  • Music Ministries
    The primary function of the Music Ministries department is t
    o use the diverse musical talents in our church to uplift worship services.

  • Sabbath School
    Each week, the full curriculum can be found here

  • Personal Ministries
    The Personal Ministries department’s prime focus is evangelism, and as Seventh Day Adventists we are to understand and present the plan of salvation in the setting of the great controversy over the character and government of God.

  • Women's Ministries
    The Women's Ministries team is responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of all the women (sisters) in the church.

  • Young Adults formerly Adventist Youth Society (AYS)
    The Young Adults department organises programmes and activities to train, develop, motivate and nurture the spiritual growth of the 16-35 year olds in the local church.