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COVID-19 Advice

The latest advice from the British Union Conference is outlined below, please take the time to re...More

Church Closure for the next 4 weeks

Please find attached an updated statement on the COVID-19 pandemic from Pastor Osei for your imme...More

Ghana Physiotherapy and Mission Trip

Ghana Physiotherapy and Mission Trip My name is Joshua Richardson and I’m going on a medical tri...More

Weekly Bulletin

Do you want to receive a copy of the Weekly Bulletin before you arrive at Church on Sabbath morni...More

Hope for our Hopelessness Evangelistic Campaign
September 14th to September 28th 2019

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Homecoming Day March 4, 2017

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    Filipino ...
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    Filipino ...
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    Filipino ...
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    Filipino ...
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    Everol Di...
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    Pastor Br...
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    Pastor Br...
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    A Full Ch...
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    Pastor Br...
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    Pastor Br...
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    Lunch ...