Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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Hope for our Hopelessness Evangelistic Campaign
September 14th to September 28th 2019

Family Service Recordings

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Date Title Presenter
2019-09-29 Sat PM - I Am Longing For Home Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-09-29 Sat AM - The Wind Has Become Contrary Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-09-29 Fri PM - The Joy of The Judgement Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-09-17 Tues PM - Arise and Shine Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-09-16 Mon PM - Redemption Coming Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-09-16 Sun PM - Thy Word Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-09-14 Sat PM - Hope Again Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-09-14 Sat AM - According to the Pattern Pastor Adrian Cotterell Play
2019-07-27 Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning Pastor Andrew Cudjoe Play
2019-06-15 Go Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2019-06-08 Is Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning Halcy-Ann Platt Play
2019-06-01 Removing The Mask Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2019-05-25 Finish Strong Dr Mario Philip Play
2019-05-18 I Am The Bread of Life Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2019-05-11 When The Storm Sets In Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2019-05-04 Go Pastor Cecil Perry Play
2019-04-27 Search Me Pastor Douglas McCormac Play
2019-04-20 Be Filled Pastor Vaughn Thorpe Play
2019-04-13 Give Me the Bible Elder John Martin Play
2018-12-29 Celebrating God's Goodness Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2018-12-22 Christmas Message Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2018-12-29 Jesus Blesses Little Children Trevor Harewood Play
2018-10-27 Creation and the Gospel Elder Enos Taylor Play
2018-10-21 Tetelestai Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2018-10-13 What's in a Name? Michelle Hall Play
2018-10-06 Overcoming Hurdles Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2018-09-29 The Art of War Elder Donald Ward Play
2018-09-22 How Much Does a Man Need? Pastor Sam Davies Play
2018-02-10 Israel, Cynical or What? Pastor David Neal Play
2018-02-03 Running the Race Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2018-01-21 The Assurance Pastor Valentine Roach Play
2018-01-06 Buy Without Money Pastor Augustus Lawrence Play